Saturday, 10 January 2015


I have an outstanding order on 14434093 from BuyInvite where 2/3 of the items are still not delivered.
This order dates back to early November and I've still not received all of the items now 2 months later.
You conveniently close your website, remove access and deleted all correspondences both on the sites and on FB (for both brands)..
I've so far been very cooperative from going to a different site just because your close-down note says so.. Leave messages with order no. explaining the situation again and again but never ever get replies.
Are you a fraud?
In case you are, I'm not going to message you privately with my order no. again. So do not bother to C&P that standard reply.
I'll deal with you here and I'll give you 3 working days to solve my problem.
In case you really really are, and delete this post or close this FB and Singsale as well, and since I have a lot of free time, I'll visit you in Kallang or wherever you are.
Or I might just get lazy (or if the address is just a shell or fictitious) and gather together whatever I have and just get down to the NPP to report and judging by the complaints you have, they should gather soon enough to visit you on our behalf.

The above is my latest post and final attempt to get my very delayed parcels purchased on that had closed down its website without prior notices and from the looks of it, many unsolved distress.

I've shopped on Singsale before and for whatever reasons I didn't again, I wouldn't have done any on BuyInvite if I knew they were "sisters company". I only found out after I paid. The first experience wasn't too bad but just the same, very delayed delivery with no reason and no response. BUT SINGSALE DON'T JUST CLOSE DOWN! And I eventually received my items.

But right now, many are screaming on their FB for refunds and like many bad PR, they're just deleting them.. I'm gonna update here on follow ups, just to keep tabs.


I've just checked and full refund is in on 12th Jan.

Still, I don't recommend buying from any under the Ozsale Group. We shop to purchase, the shopping itself is an enjoyment and looking forward to your purchase coming in is another, so when it doesn't, the disappointment is HUGE.
I buy a lot online, and yes, there are a lot more risks compared to buying physically but I seldom get disappointment. In fact, I've gotten more scams attack selling than buying.

But you wouldn't think a friend would recommend a shop that lets her down, right?

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