Wednesday, 7 January 2015

River Safari

.. and it's fantastic~

Yesterday, we visited the River Safari, like finally. It's a relatively new park and much easier to explore.

It's one route with no splits, you just walk ahead. The thing I love most is it's all sheltered. Oh well, except the ride.

It rained when we reach the Pandas and we were kept dry because of this well-thought facility but we had to go take this Amazon Boat Quest that got our butts wet right from the beginning. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)ᕤ

The highlight is the Panda (I guess) and I wonder what have they to do with rivers but it got us excited about the excursion. So excited I feel disappointed they were just sleeping or hiding.. You know.. Just like how pandas do..

Anyway, we got to visit because Willie's employer has a corporate friends card so its employees can bring their family to this park.. Tourists should get a Park Hopper (multi-park) card so they can visit a few parks and save some bucks..

We definitely enjoyed it, not getting scorched but the heat was still getting to us before the rain. Tropical Singapore~

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