Friday, 31 October 2014

Jump, Dive, Fly..

Today's post is taken over by a guest whom I get to know from the #Blogtember Challenge.
Take it away, Danielle!

My partner and I recently went on a 5-day holiday in Auckland, New Zealand. The main reason why we went there was to attend Justin Timberlake’s concert (which was amazing by the way!). The other thing was to do the sky jump at Auckland’s tallest tower. We didn’t have the guts to do it though.  We thought it’d be more fun if we have our friends to join us. Sky Jump is one of the things in my bucket list and I thought I’d be able to put a check mark beside it. It’s okay though because we can go back there again and attempt it.
Speaking of bucket list, I have been adding more things to my bucket list. I am a self proclaimed adventurer and I've been wanting to do a lot of adventure related type of things. Here's some of them:

Sky Jump - in Auckland Tower. You'll be attached to a wire and you'll jump (just like being in an action movie or something). You'll land safely on the ground of course and someone's going to help and teach you everything you need to know. Beyonce did it when she was here in New Zealand.

Bungy Jump - I think the difference between Bungy and Sky jump is that in bunny jumping, you bounce a few times (correct me if I'm wrong) while  sky jump is more like a free fall. Bungy is often done in rivers or forest as well.

Sky Dive - who wouldn't want to experience this, seriously? The adrenalin rush from when you jump from the helicopter would be overwhelming.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - I haven't even seen a hot air balloon. Flying away on a hot air balloon with the love of my life would probably be one of my ideal date.

Skiing - I will probably fall down and get bruises from this but I still I want to try. It looks fun but hard at the same time. Although, while we were watching Peppa Pig the other day, Peppa's teacher gave them a tip on how to ski and now I want to try if it does work.

These are only a few on my bucket list. The list is definitely growing and I'm hoping that I get to do them all someday. Of course that means working hard and saving up lots of money. How about you, what's on your bucket list? Are there any other things that I need to try?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

30 . (more) Facts about me

Aside the shabby list here, here's a little more..

  • I cry really easily; at commercials, in theaters, even watching Japanese animes or just reading. People who really knows me go to to the movies with me armed with tissues.
  • The last horror movie I voluntarily watched was Thirteen Ghosts. Voluntarily because sometimes I'm caught off guard by repeats on TV. That year, there were too many good horror movies, that I "over-watched" and I kept scaring myself till I never wanna watch another horror show again. 
  • I do not like snacks. I just love Hello Panda 🐼 .
  • My husband, Willie, is technically younger than me. 59 days, 4 hours, 54 minutes younger.
  • I smoked for almost 15 years. I'm currently smoke-free for about 3.5 years now. I'd never liked the smell of smoke. We don't smell it when we inhale, I would get my smoking friends to exhale the other way.
  • Willie quitted smoking too. For me, he'd always say.
  • I love Surprises.
  • I used to be, erm, hot-headed? I'll shoot my mouth at anything that needs to be corrected. I'd since toned down, too much than I'd prefer. So much that I'm an easy pushover now - even Willie points this out - especially at work.
  • I'm sensitive, towards feelings of both others and my own. If not for the love of my friends, who are always giving in to me, even though I'm a pushover now, I'd Be Always Crying (#1).
  • I do not have a poker face, no matter how hard I work on it. Read yesterday's post.
  • I dropped out of school. Twice.
  • I then ironically spend almost 10 years now in private studies.
Alright, that's twelve more..

For those visiting or who'd known me from Helene's #Blogtober14 challenge, this would be my last post for the challenge since I do not dress up for Halloween, thus I do not have a Halloween look to reveal. 
I had added a whole lot of you in my bloglovin for my reading pleasure. I'll see read you around! 

Happy Halloween 🎃 !

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Judge

Nobody told me to bring tissues for this one.

Between some errands, I remember hearing some of it from the radio but I do not really like to hear too much of a movie before I watch it.
So yea, I don't know the story line and before it started, Willie - whom had watched the thrillers and read up a little - asked me,

Why did you want to watch this?

For iron man?

LOL. I'm ignorant but not that much, I can't remember what I heard but I really wanted to watch this show and I'm glad I did.

There was a funeral, just maybe 10 minutes in the movie, and having attended one earlier that day, I was already tearing. Tearing - not welling. Tearing - dripping. I've never started digging for tissues in my bag so early in a movie.

I guessed it's also the emotions played.. there's always a remorse when someone passed. No matter how distant you used to be, you wished you'd spent more time together. And you'd probably start thinking it's silly to let other things which seems insignificant now, stopped you from doing so.

And the awkward family ties.. lies close to heart. I need to give more thoughts for that before I could comment.

I went in, thinking I'm gonna get something like Sherlock Holmes but puffy red eyes was what came out of it. Everyone should watch this.

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29 . Most Embarrassing Moments

Oh my... I cannot believe I'm sharing this..

double face palm
My husband, Willie and I, do not fart in each other's presence, and he'd usually leave the room to pass his air. I, generally do not pass much air. I'm always bloated because I have difficulties passing gas. It started when I taught myself etiquette; now I have difficulties in passing any gas: fart or burp. I used to oppress them so much, now I have to force them out of me, usually to no avail. I'm totally amazed by bloating pills, like the bloated-ness just vanish!

Anyway, back to my most embarrassing moment. (omg)

Willie went to bathe, and I thought it safe to relive my bloatty colon.
a silent but deadly one
And then, he came right back in.

I turned immediately when he opened the door.
As poker-faced as I attempted, I probably looked like this 'cause he asked what's wrong, baby?
Taking in a deep breath, I tried to come up with something,
he thought it was a gesture for him to do the same.

oh.. OH.. OOH! ooffff...

As he backs out the door

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I've finally found a #Blogvember! put together by Love, Kids and Other Things and Cupcake Mummy.

The month would be busier, I doubt I could commit daily but having any blogging prompts when I feel like blogging is most welcomed. There're some I obviously can't do, like #12 - I can't take a photo of where I've not been - and #13 - I've made it pretty clear I can't cook.

I was contemplating whether to do the NaNoWriMo which I know I could not possibly come up with the time and commitment for 50,000 words in 30 days. I just want to write, and something to write about. I don't know why but I just love doing this. ^^

Come join me!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Service at Pedro

If anyone tell you Singapore's customer service is top notch, DO NOT believe them.

It's not everyday you get good service, and we should never take one for granted.

My feet are having really bad days; I've been walking A LOT, and no dissing of C&K, but the new strappy heels I bought from the WH sales were killing me!

I walked into Pedro, on the phone with Willie, not paying much attention to my surroundings. It was lunch time, the shop is vacant save for an angmo couple. I already knew what I was looking for, it was either this or that.

Anyway, long story short, I wasn't responsive but she was attentive. I tried on two colours of one design, and took pictures to show Willie, and asking which to choose.. ding and dong.. I was between sizes so I contemplated for a LONG time which to get.. The smaller one and expand it, or the bigger one and stuff it.. Oh, she was the one who took out the smaller one when I said the black one was strangely longer than the beige. 

it's black~ or beige~
From experience, I decided on the bigger one, and then she took out sole pads to see if I'll be comfortable with them..
All I ask from her was "I'll like to try a pair in both beige and black." and she did the rest. She was not prompted by the manager, except when she didn't bring the black. I guessed she didn't hear me. 

Some people are just born to serve, and she is one, and I'm glad I was served by her today. The only ponder was she was shocked when I asked for her name. lol

Thank you, ZhouXu (hope I didn't hear it wrongly, she was literally whispering).

And here's my new baby!

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28 . Thinking too much, much?

I'm relatively not a superstitious person; relatively to people I know. I do not do or avoid certain things on purpose but there are times which I'd give it a think.

Picking up money.
Asian people are really funny. We believe picking up money on the street is lucky BUT NEVER during the Hungry Ghost Festival. I've came to learn not to keep that money whether I pick it or not. Two ideologies:
1. The money is not yours.
2. Just pay it forward.
Just yesterday, I spotted $10. This might be only the 2nd 10 bucks I spotted in my entire life. I was on the phone, so I pointed to Willie, and gesture a donate sign because I know that's what he'd wanted too.

We make wishes at 11.11. Or 1.11, we're not picky. ;)

Black cats
I'm not sure what others have against these beautiful creatures but here in Singapore (and many Chinese infested countries), we believe NEVER letting a black cat jump over the coffin during the wake OR the dead would wake. We hold wakes at void decks or along the streets and we have lots of stray cats here, so family members or relatives stay watch overnight. I'd love a black cat any time when I'm not at one.

I'm just a scaredy-cat.

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The Man on Halloween

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is?- No, I do not have a favorite holiday. Any holiday spend with Jeanie will be a great one. 
What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?- I have natural dracula teeth. \/---\/ 
What is your go-to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?- Hoegaarden
What is your favorite scary movie?- Scary Movie
What is your best Halloween memory?- I forgot most of my Halloween... the result of partying too hard.  

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Monday, 27 October 2014

27 . Dear Younger Me

Dear me in 2010,

It's the beginning of a great year, you're just married and is soon going on a mini honeymoon.
Have a double think on leaving the work force totally. ACCA is not gonna take just a few years, they did not came up with the 10 years limit because it's a good number. Sure, many had done it. But you are not them. Take it at your own pace. Learn to embrace and love yourself more. It's okay not to be a certified accountant. It's good to be one but not a must. You may desperately want to leave that job, but you don't have to stop working totally. Trust me on this. Remember, the ultimate objective is to have a happy family. You do not have to bring home too many thousands to have that. Focus on what you'd already had. Learn to balance your work and family time. 
Willie would be the most understanding and accommodating husband, continue to appreciate him as you did. He'd appreciate you back. Things will work themselves out and Willie would be there for you, he'd keep his promise to be the pillar and the windshield. But he'd remain the brat he is.
Kids do not drop from the sky like they told you. Do not be dismay because you do not have any news. Remember you have the brattiest kid to mother already. He may be all you have but he's all you'd ever need and he wouldn't mind you not bearing him any kids. Like the profession, it's good to have but not a must. You'd already have the best.

❤, Me

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Silent Sunday | 14.10.26

Silent Sunday

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26 . Who'd play me in a movie?

I tried a few photos and she always there.. I guess we probably looked really alike. I do not know much about her but I think her character in Spy Kids was really cool, especially the ridiculously long name and how she "rapped" it in front of a door as password. Just like how ridiculous I could be at times (though I thought I was cool lol) So I'm thinking she'd make a good double.. ;)

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

Let's put first things first, thank you Becky for your nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award!

I've been seeing this award around. Out of curiosity, I searched for the origin of the award. Because all I see were nominations, and nominating is not getting it, right? And, I'm curious as to who's actually awarding it.

Turns out, there're many curiosity cats like me and though I couldn't reach the very origin, it's somewhat acknowledged that this is an award to motivate fellow blogs and just passing it on (almost like a chain letter), and they're many variants of both the award and it's badge.

Nonetheless, I'm just glad someone likes what I'd written. The pleasure is mine.

Now, I'd get down to accomplishing my roles to accept this honor.

Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
Add the Lovely blog award logo onto your post/ blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers you admire/ read and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

Okay.. Two done.. Here's 7 facts about me~
  1. If this is your first visit - Hi! - or not, and haven't realized, I'm crazy about Purple.
  2. I dislike anything green - except green tea, which I consume on a daily basis. ( ^^) _旦~~
  3. I like to name my possessions (with Japanese accent) - my Z2 is Grapu (grape - purple), Note 8.0 is Eighto (eight - 8) and my duster is Petto (pet - 'cause it looks like a orange shih tzu).. AND my keyholder is blingbling ('cause it's the one thing bling-ing in the bag when you dig for it)..
  4. My husband, Willie and I met 17 years ago through a secondary school friend whom switched school (to his school) in her second year and she introduced us, and that is the only reason I stop hating my mum for forcing me to go to that school.
  5. I used to think sleeping is a waste of time till I "developed" insomnia. I still do but I enjoy sleeping more now.
  6. I think I have an real influence over Willie, he now wants to have cats too.
  7. Seven is my favourite digit! Though 13 is my favourite number. ;)
And my nominees are...

Just some of the many I enjoy reading. Thanks for writing!

p/s. please do not feel obligated to follow through.. just wanna let you know i appreciated your blog!

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25 . My Favourite Book?

I'm not gonna pretend I read a lot. I don't exactly have a favourite but this is one I remembered really well; the whole story, scenarios, and every side story.. probably even better than fifty shades series..

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Friday, 24 October 2014

24 . One Beauty Product I Can't Live without

ONE only? Really? OMG.. My brain's hurting right now..

Alright, I think I'll choose..

My new steam eye mask..
At least I can wake up without puffy eyes eh? I'd bought my 3rd pack after I tried it. I don't know what magic it is, it just comfort me and I'd sleep so well.. Sure, they do come off in the middle of sleep but I won't realize till Day 2.

Yup, that's my ONE beauty product.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

23 . Photo editing tools

I'm not sure if I can make the cut for today's #Blogtober14 which is Favorite instagram editing apps/ or editing tools for your blog..

Well.. because I do not use as much filter and editing as I used to.. I've came to appreciate more natural looks.. but that is if you have perfectly taken photos, which was why I (used to) keep going after better cameras, even the one on my phone. SO, I still gotta need some fix for some most photos.

Simple yet quality quick fix.. Like the photos here.. A crop not to affect the resolution.. and details tweaking to sharpen the photo but not too much, so I love this 'cause you choose how much sharpness or structure to add, not just a button and bam!, it goes as sharp as the app thinks it should be.. Another greatness is the Selective Adjust which allows you to select a point and adjustments only affect the selected area. (shown)

Bday Blowout Bellabox

It's Bellabox 3rd birthday. Yay~
The delivery is late again. (=.=) Anyway.. this month's goodies are..

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

22 . My Pet Peeves

I feel I'm risking my reputation telling these.. Some may find me OCD or really nitty gritty, or even a clean freak.. or maybe just a freak. but whatever!

Complain Kings & Queens. We - Singaporean - are infamous for being unsatisfied with what we have but this is not what I want to talk about. Just small scale human beings like you and me he and she who are/had been/always unhappy with what they have but NEVER try to make any change.
Everyone deserves a little outlet to let off some steam, and after that, you either resolve with your own feelings or propose improvements. If you'd exhaust all attempts, maybe you should get yourself out of the situation (work/relationship/whatever). If you had decided to sit on your behind, then you probably deserve what you're deserving.

Bad driving. Or poor footing as my driving friend call it. I have kinetosis but I don't always feel sick from a ride. I'm might be even perfectly fine on a boat ride.
So I mostly blame it on poor driving skills.
≋ Drivers who brake and accelerate every inch in a jam.
≋ Drivers who sway as if to the radio.
≋ Drivers who think they're on F1. (For goodness sake, you're driving a 12m bus!)
Drivers themselves should know, as this is told to me by not just one driver - they had NO IDEA how their passengers feel (till they became a passenger and have a good taste of bad driving). On my part, I avoid car rides (even cabs and buses), and am ever so grateful for our MRT system, no matter how messy they get. Willie has a driving license but we do not own a car, and on the few rare occasions he'd rent one, he's cautious and would make sure I'm feeling alright. You don't need an unscathed 10 years license to be a good driver.

source | source | source | source | source
Ignorance - with intention or lack of. I hope this sums up well. The "lack of" is because there are occurrences I'm given an impression an ignorance is displayed sarcastically or intentionally like "People feign ignorance as an excuse for their bad behaviour." I can't even tell the difference of the above anymore.
One thing about uninformed opinions is they're mostly judgmental, and what gave one a certain right to comment mindlessly? Again, ignorance or sarcasm?
And the worst of feigning ignorance is cutting queue. You think we can't SEE you ah?


Pungency. No matter where the outlet. I have what they call the "dog nose". Bad smells just kill me!
I almost forgot. Smokes too. Coming from an ex-smoker, I've disliked second-hand smoke even when I smoked! (smokception?) And also incense smoke.. I can't help it! They hurt my nose, it's physical, not emotional!
Anyway, we're currently facing smells issue here in where we're living.. so...
Loving my #IONOrchard scented candle
Now my room smells like Ion Orchard! I'd always love that scent, it's therapeutic. I secretly think it makes you get in a vacation mood and spend!!

Running away from me yet?
There's more!

Noises. and all these movie bad behaviours.

They fail to mention those long legs spiders kicking the back of the chair.. (◣◢)┌∩┐

Still here?

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