Friday, 12 December 2014

Miss me?

I'm done with the exams and I'm so done-ed. Next course of action is still in contemplation... Many is telling me it would be a waste to just stop here but I'm SERIOUSLY exhausted.
When I clear my mind and lay things on the table (or the scale); no matter for the consequences of current or - the famous question - in 5 years, ultimately, it's for contentment. And honestly, I am contended. Like, right now.
My only commitment is work and family Hubby, and the feeling to just spend time with Willie after work with no other worries or i-should-be-doing-something-else guilt is fab.

I'm officially a month in my new job though I'd spent lesser time for the exams and I got sick from exhaustion (see.. backing up #1), I'm still recovering, and I have to say I have mixed feelings. Not just about the job, about myself. It's like finally telling myself to grow some, and that nobody would like their job 100%, much less love it. Nobody. There's got to be something, somebody, somewhere. Grow some, suck it up (if it's not too choking) and live it.
Anyway, I'd always believed the probation is both ways. And like I said, so far, I'm contended.

Moving on to merrier parts...
The lights are up for Christmas on Orchard Road! I've not walked down the whole street yet but I'd caught a few...

Shaw House

Colours of the season~

More exciting stuff! Look what I got myself...!!

 I've finally settled for this for my new wallet, which is a perfect replacement, it's the same size but lighter, and it goes with my new objective to bring lesser cards, and admit it, it's classy. heeeee...


denim saffiano
say hello to kevin {minion}
If you're gonna ask is prada on sale?!. Yes, it is!
Even the sales staff was surprised by some of the items discounted. What I got here, was current season. I know I wish-listed A LOT of purple ones but this was love-at-first-sight or love-at-re-sight. It's just similar to something I wanted so much. I guess my eyes popped in a certain way when they saw this that Willie didn't even tried to stop me.

Since I have so much time now, I thought I'd love to create some Christmas..

some decorations or gifts, maybe?

What are you gifting this season?

oh hey, Friday!
5 on Friday

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