Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 in a flash

In January we celebrated Chinese New Year overseas for the first time, and we went to Bangkok for shopping spree, and shameless face stuffing.

CNY crossed over to February for more feasting, and I had the sweetest Valentine's Day in years.

We had our greatest loss in March when Willie's grandpa passed away whom reminded us of importance of family and love, ensuring we show them in time.

Many firsts happened in April. I misplaced my mobile for the first time, and I get to really put the finding mobile function in use for the first time, and I learnt about that keeping what you found is illegal for the first time. I meant it's only fair because I feel finders, keepers is kinda bull.

In May, we celebrated a few birthdays, and since many years ago, we brought my mom out for hers. We let her choose a good vegetarian and for the longest time, took a photo with her.

June was a relaxing month after exams, after chillax-ing for a bit, I finally get down to reorganizing my shoes, and other stuff I had too many of, and ended up giving or chucking them away. Wow, clearing stuff and making space feels really good.

July was a month with a different agenda, we started to look at alternatives to our career paths.

I picked back a few projects in August. My favourite is the Amineko.

September is my favourite month because we celebrate my birthday!

October was a month of confusion and procrastination.

November (so is May) is always the month of hardship for the last lapse as revision, especially while working.

In December, the month of giving and loving, I decided to love myself more.

For 2015, I just hope everything is better. I don't make resolutions list because I know I can't keep them. =P

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