Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Shop & Save

A 36 secs summary before you trap yourself in a long-er-than-I-even-expected post

A shopping is in order after I got news that I landed a job!

*confetti in air*

because I realized I don't fit most of my formal clothes most of my formal clothes no longer fit me. I wore jeans or leggings almost everyday to my last job. It was an employees-dream-come-true. The dress code, not the job.

We already scheduled to go for a drugstore spree since it was the Watsons {elite} members sale. I've been to many of their members-only sale but my first as an Elite member because they use to always hold them on days I couldn't go {yes, even when I wasn't working}, maybe they heard my complains. Maybe. Before I start to rant about their membership system again, let's just move on to shopping.

If you think drugstore shopping is dull, you are so wrong; the fun starts right from making a Let's Buy! list. Going through the list again against the actual stuff already had, and realize having 4 packs of pantyliner, 4 bottles of deodorant, 3 4 bottles of body foam........ and 3 packets of body foam refill..

But there's still so much more to buy, and we actually bought so much we didn't do any haul. Willie was already packing away once we reached home 'cause shopping bags were everywhere! Excuse while I slurp photos off the net.

Of course I won't dump everything I bought here.. just some savings.. ;)

2 for $5.90
That's 200 plasters for $5.90!

3 for $11
Even though I just bought 2 boxes last week.. Both of us use this, and we really don't see the difference between this and the men's.


Buy 2 get 1 free.
This sounds like a great deal but because we I had bad experience where I couldn't finish 3 boxes before their expiration, so I take extra diligence now looking at expiry dates.

There are many many more deals but I need to watch myself to ensure I can finish what I buy.. *pretending I didn't shop myself crazy* .. so I only spent $350+++... When I told Willie I wanted the free tote bag, he thought I was kidding. But I'm proud to stop myself when the cashier told me I'm $150 away from $40 vouchers. Look at the numbers, I know my math, lady~

At this point, my feet were already hurting {and I was wearing flats}, we went over to Ion {we were at Ngee Ann City, the elite sale is not up at all stores}, drop off the bags in these $1 lockers beside the valet {how thoughtful!}, and I really wanna fill my tum-tum, Willie brought me to the new Zalora.

I'm not sure if the idea works for me.
Zalora is an online apparel shop, they have this brick and mortal for shoppers to try the clothes, and when you're satisfied, you check yourself out at the many desktops in the stores, pay online, and your purchases will be delivered to you in a few days.

I'm sure there were a lot of ideas and thoughts behind this. This shop may not be permanent. It's a good way for customers to be familiar with their sizes and cuts. There's no need for storeroom in the shop, everything is displayed and products are delivered from the warehouse directly.

I found convenience in this system, like what I did last night. I scanned my purchases after signing-in my account, placed them in my cart, and walked out. I'm sure many have this moment to give purchases a think, and many times we do not return due to whatever reasons or excuses we give ourselves and regret after. Now, I only had to log-on and checkout later at home!

That is.. if I didn't go to G2000 after dinner. {*catch a breath* This post had turned unexpectedly long.}

just some of the many I tried
i may have tired on 20 items

Did we save here? Of course we did.. We get a $15 voucher for every $80 so we separate the purchase to make the best out of this deal.. Even the cashier was helping us when the math got too confusing.. lol

Hump Day Happenings

p/s: I knew it! when I find shop & save ringing in my head but this post has nothing to do with both Shop 'n Save or the old Shop n Save. lol

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