Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sally Hansen | Miracle Gel

I just have to share this new toy. It's probably not new on the market but it's new to me. I read about a "gel polish" that doesn't need light curing some weeks ago but I didn't take note of any brands. I was waiting for the hype to hit people around me before I wanna try. But to date, none.
No UV light was not enough to sell me, what did was that it could be removed by normal polish remover.

Why I like gel polish {and I'm thinking many share the same sentiment} is that no drying is needed. I can use my hands straightaway! Ain't no time for drying!

BUT I really hate the removal.

My nails get a lot of compliments from manicurist because they're hard and really curved. But after gelish removal a few times, my nails got so thin I was shocked. I thank whatever universe that they do not peel or chip but they definitely got weaker, there are times they bend. The inside of me squeezes just by hearing my nails bent.

miracle indeed
I still opt for gelish sometimes when I'm in a rush or for occasions when I don't want to fuss my nails for a few days/weeks {CNY, Birthday, Traveling etc}.

This is relatively simple and fuss-free, considering it's just polishing, no base coats or lights required.

  1. Apply 2 coats of colour.
  2. Apply top coat {black bottle}.

Colour: Birthday Suit
I'm not good at colouring my own nails but I see the same problem from other reviews: streaky. I think quick-dry and some thick polishes generally have this problem.

It's sheer like most nude and beige polishes are. BUT I'm not joking when I say I don't know how many coats I'd applied. Okay.. first, the 2 coats as advised. Then one more. Then top coat. Maybe one more colour, and then another top coat. So ya, five.

It's technically incorrect to call it a gel, and I see many others saying the same. It's claimed that the top coat does the curing in place of the UV light. I'm guessing the top coat is just a super-quick-dry liquid film. After application, I did a few test-water pokes, some almost immediately.
On regular nail polishes, you get smudges or waves when touched semi-dry, and the colour and top coat may even separate. On miracle-gel, you can see the smudge from the nudges but they're underneath the top coat, looking almost like an overlay. The top coat stayed perfectly fine. It's not until when it completely dry till it sinks in and dents and more streaks appear.

I don't know why I'm still loving it when it's so not cool, maybe because of the colour? I might put another top coat, a normal one or seche vite, to try to make it work.

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Save that $16 you thought you saved and go get a real gelish.
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