Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Happy Hump Day!

I haven't pause for a breath since work started on Monday, and life goes on to almost midnight everyday.

But first, lemme take a selfie..

Day 1
I'm so early on my first day at work! Good sign! Not. My feet was already hurting me by this time. Bad choice on the shoes.
The day went late into the night as we have a BBQ arranged before I got the job. My in-law returns from Taiwan that same evening, so at least some quality catching-up.

Day 2
See those dark eye circles peeping through the makeup? I'm a panda already! And that day starts the week-long revision courses, all the way to Saturday. (T_T) And my favourite Melissa broke! Can I really really cry now? (ToT)

I guess I proved the steaming eye mask effective! I fell asleep with them on, and slept all the way, almost missing my alarm but my eyes looked much better eh?

It sounds like I had a horrible start but I actually feel blessed and really contented. My new office is quiet, my new superior is really considerate to let me learn the business properly instead of dumping stuff on me, and my new colleagues are patient with my endless (some silly) questions. There are lots of food around the area and most importantly, I can get to the office dry even without umbrella on a rainy day.

What blessed me most is me, having the capability to get myself a loving husband who

  • choose my #ootd for the next day, and hangs them up
  • pack my bag
  • gets me supper
  • fetches me (and brought me slippers)
  • prepares my breakfast
ice cream yoghurt one with raisins and the other real grapes

on top of the usual hubby chores... LOL

I'm feeling really blissful this hump day. You have a good week ahead!

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