Friday, 7 November 2014

5 new from Wish trend

If this sounds like an adv, I was just too excited. I'm not compensated in any ways and clicking on which ever links in this post doesn't bring me any benefit except the joy of my experience shared.
Oh, I do have an invite link that gives both of us USD5 to shop.

I'm totally hooked.

Well, after I tried the bubble peel, I immediately google more about them, follow their youtube, and all.. I even got my friend who recently went to Seoul to get me more! {especially when I see they have a physical store - column in a store to be exact} Unfortunately, they told her bubble peel is going EOL but she didn't fail to get me the nose pack.. ^^

Anyway, I probably gave it 2 minutes before I decided to get the deal on their [Wish, Try, Love], something I see them doing at the end of the month, coming up with solutions to skin issues with products they're carrying.

I thought it's great, shedding light on why some problems never go away because we are not doing the right thing, and sharing alternative tips, what's best is at the end of it, they market the products shown earlier, bundled and very discounted plus international free shipping.

The deal last for just 7 days, and of course I had to get some other precious along with this. I just received the parcel this morning. Here's 5 I'm excited to try, and even more excited to share~!~!

gentle black deep cleansing oil

perfect for my search for makeup remover oil

gentle black sugar charcoal soap

we're so into welcoming this soap we hunted for a soap box and soap dish sponge 'cause we're not soap people.. however i'm excited to try this, especially the brush..

gentle black sugar facial polish

this would be a good alternative to my current expensive microdelivery peel

glacial clay facial mask

i can't wait to try this on willie.. keke

pore corset serum

wow wow wow, if you'll look at the before/after in the clip

Gullible purchaser? I do get that a lot but I'm ready to try anything to better myself; inside or out. ◠◡◠

oh hey, Friday!
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oh hey, Friday!
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5 on Friday

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