Friday, 7 November 2014

Favourite series

Today's prompt of #Blogvember is Favourite series currently watching...

Well, I'm not even sure if they can be considered series...

The Ellen Show
This list shows only 100, but the list I'm on has 5,000++ and is constantly updated. I feel blessed when I see how Ellen helps and surprises people. Even though I'm so far, I feel touched.. I even asked Willie Do you think we could ever get to see one of her live show? {like we're even in US.. lol}. We really wanna get those Ellen underwears.. ^^

Long Island Medium
I got to know her - Theresa - from the Ellen show, and I'm touched by the healing like relief from guilt and responsibilities.. First time experiencing family/relatives deaths this year, it was heart-aching to watch. It is always amazing to hear from someone whom you can no longer speak to, to make sure any unspoken words are heard.

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