Saturday, 1 November 2014

1 . Collector

...of Purplies...
Jeanie's Purple Paradise
probably 2% of what I had
Purplies© - Purple Lovelies - I coined this for a convenient hashtag but I later found it's more widely used than I thought.

...of Shoes...
This was the midst of reorganizing, the space's all filled up right now.. I already need more space actually, for my new additions..

...of Old Notes...
Not many.. and not all of our old notes, just this bird series ones.. and I only have one of each up to the $20 denomination.. probably many of $1.. they're so ancient I can't remember.

I believe I have many more collections though not religiously - like a collection of tote bags. I collect rubbish stuff on and off but I do not have things that I must get to add on to my "collection". I used to MUST get that purple thing, almost like a disease.. I'm less serious now. lol

What do you collect?

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