Wednesday, 19 November 2014

5 Good Buys

I suppose?

Miracle worker lotion
My second? Or 3rd? Ever since I started Miracle, I'm staunched. 
It totally saved my peeling at a period when everywhere's dry air condition.
This is the oil-free I use as a day moisturizer, goes great under make-up, and not too heavy for humid Singapore.

Burt's Bee lip balm
I can never have enough fluid to have a non-peeling, juice lips but more than enough to keep peeing.

shu uemura calligraphy ink refill
Another product I swear by. The refill to the perfectest liquid eyeliner ever.

full of promise cream
This is my first using this but I've loved the series as much as miracle.
I'm sure I'll love this.

Mitju peep toes
I am really not sure why this is my first. 
These are not my best ever but these are the best in my current non-stop wave of feet woes.
I'm pretty sure I'm getting the membership. =P

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oh hey, Friday!
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5 on Friday
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