Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Judge

Nobody told me to bring tissues for this one.

Between some errands, I remember hearing some of it from the radio but I do not really like to hear too much of a movie before I watch it.
So yea, I don't know the story line and before it started, Willie - whom had watched the thrillers and read up a little - asked me,

Why did you want to watch this?

For iron man?

LOL. I'm ignorant but not that much, I can't remember what I heard but I really wanted to watch this show and I'm glad I did.

There was a funeral, just maybe 10 minutes in the movie, and having attended one earlier that day, I was already tearing. Tearing - not welling. Tearing - dripping. I've never started digging for tissues in my bag so early in a movie.

I guessed it's also the emotions played.. there's always a remorse when someone passed. No matter how distant you used to be, you wished you'd spent more time together. And you'd probably start thinking it's silly to let other things which seems insignificant now, stopped you from doing so.

And the awkward family ties.. lies close to heart. I need to give more thoughts for that before I could comment.

I went in, thinking I'm gonna get something like Sherlock Holmes but puffy red eyes was what came out of it. Everyone should watch this.

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