Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Service at Pedro

If anyone tell you Singapore's customer service is top notch, DO NOT believe them.

It's not everyday you get good service, and we should never take one for granted.

My feet are having really bad days; I've been walking A LOT, and no dissing of C&K, but the new strappy heels I bought from the WH sales were killing me!

I walked into Pedro, on the phone with Willie, not paying much attention to my surroundings. It was lunch time, the shop is vacant save for an angmo couple. I already knew what I was looking for, it was either this or that.

Anyway, long story short, I wasn't responsive but she was attentive. I tried on two colours of one design, and took pictures to show Willie, and asking which to choose.. ding and dong.. I was between sizes so I contemplated for a LONG time which to get.. The smaller one and expand it, or the bigger one and stuff it.. Oh, she was the one who took out the smaller one when I said the black one was strangely longer than the beige. 

it's black~ or beige~
From experience, I decided on the bigger one, and then she took out sole pads to see if I'll be comfortable with them..
All I ask from her was "I'll like to try a pair in both beige and black." and she did the rest. She was not prompted by the manager, except when she didn't bring the black. I guessed she didn't hear me. 

Some people are just born to serve, and she is one, and I'm glad I was served by her today. The only ponder was she was shocked when I asked for her name. lol

Thank you, ZhouXu (hope I didn't hear it wrongly, she was literally whispering).

And here's my new baby!

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