Friday, 10 October 2014

Gender Differences

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt I never thought blogging would... is somewhat similar to Day 06.. so I'm sharing something else..

Some time ago, I read an essay about the above. I quote: "Feminists claim that boys and girls are exactly equal at birth but become unequal because of the way they are treated by the society." The essay carried on with other reasons like physiology of the brain, spatial abilities and some general patterns.

The phrase - Battle of the Sexes - seems to surface when females wanted to prove more capable than the other gender. Note that I had used "seems to" because it's not proven. I had also read in a book that for the past 2000 years, it was the men's world and it will be the women's turn to dominate after the 2nd millennium. So, it was saying it's a natural behaviour that women became more powerful and tend to show it too.

Again on the same topic, I was chatting with a friend some time ago, and in his opinion: "Women want to be on an equivalent level or stage with men yet they want to reserve their lady complex." Don't understand? Ok... He is saying, "Women always say they want their rights and be equal with men, but when some other things are concerned, they expect men to give in because they are the weaker sex." I did not debate nor retort him then, as I felt what he said is somehow true.

Another chat with another friend started when I complained that I've been seeing more males than females seated every time I step into the train. He said there is no reason why a man should forsake his seat for a woman. I can't remember much of the content but this was what ended the conversation.
Me: Shouldn't men be more gentleman?
Him: What is so gentleman about letting a seat?
Me: It's only a seat! What has the world become?
Him: Ya... It's only a seat, so why should women be so bothered about just a seat?

Conclusions? I do not have any.
My personal opinion is women had been having this privilege to gain advantage over the other gender but this should not deem us the weaker sex. However, we still maintain the rights to fight for our rightful position in the society. Sounds absurd?
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