Friday, 17 October 2014

Dear Santa..


I know it's way too early (maybe not! never too early for a wish list making..) for Xmas stuff but look what I've put together after "accidentally" clicking on an advertisement of the sidebar of Facebook. All pictures are from Reebonz's online website so I'm not sure if they're current season.

They all look the same you say? They all look lovely I say! My eyes are "naturally" attracted to Purple things, some certain shades and tones of purple only. To be exact, my favourite tone is the Cadbury Purple. The colours of the bags look a little different after uploading up here.. You gotta see the actual colours.. They're purplely beautiful...

(っ♥‿♥)っ ♥

Recently, I thought Pinterest is like a much better gift registry than any wish list, or at least the one I used to use.. which was laggy and buggy.. I can start putting together one for my housewarming already! And we could use it as a checkoff list for our own renovation.. I may be late to the party but here's my Pinterest. ◠◡◠✌

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