Friday, 31 October 2014

Jump, Dive, Fly..

Today's post is taken over by a guest whom I get to know from the #Blogtember Challenge.
Take it away, Danielle!

My partner and I recently went on a 5-day holiday in Auckland, New Zealand. The main reason why we went there was to attend Justin Timberlake’s concert (which was amazing by the way!). The other thing was to do the sky jump at Auckland’s tallest tower. We didn’t have the guts to do it though.  We thought it’d be more fun if we have our friends to join us. Sky Jump is one of the things in my bucket list and I thought I’d be able to put a check mark beside it. It’s okay though because we can go back there again and attempt it.
Speaking of bucket list, I have been adding more things to my bucket list. I am a self proclaimed adventurer and I've been wanting to do a lot of adventure related type of things. Here's some of them:

Sky Jump - in Auckland Tower. You'll be attached to a wire and you'll jump (just like being in an action movie or something). You'll land safely on the ground of course and someone's going to help and teach you everything you need to know. Beyonce did it when she was here in New Zealand.

Bungy Jump - I think the difference between Bungy and Sky jump is that in bunny jumping, you bounce a few times (correct me if I'm wrong) while  sky jump is more like a free fall. Bungy is often done in rivers or forest as well.

Sky Dive - who wouldn't want to experience this, seriously? The adrenalin rush from when you jump from the helicopter would be overwhelming.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - I haven't even seen a hot air balloon. Flying away on a hot air balloon with the love of my life would probably be one of my ideal date.

Skiing - I will probably fall down and get bruises from this but I still I want to try. It looks fun but hard at the same time. Although, while we were watching Peppa Pig the other day, Peppa's teacher gave them a tip on how to ski and now I want to try if it does work.

These are only a few on my bucket list. The list is definitely growing and I'm hoping that I get to do them all someday. Of course that means working hard and saving up lots of money. How about you, what's on your bucket list? Are there any other things that I need to try?

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