Saturday, 4 October 2014

Women are centipedes

.. because we can never have too many shoes..

And I.. am a millipede.. who have need many more shoes..

The term millipede was labelled on me by Willie himself.. (≧◡≦) I really appreciate his sense of humour at times like this, which also means he can understand the relation between Girls and Shoes..

Today, we went to the Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale.. I haven't bought any shoes for the longest time since I fell into this shoe addiction.. I had reservations on going at first, such sales usually involve a lot of people.. queueing, waiting, squeezing and if need be, snatching.

Spot your wife
- Willie

Really novelty, my hubby..

The wait in queue to enter was horrible even though it was much better than what people had posted from yesterday.. I was still within the compounds of the building when I reached but the weather was unforgiving.. It became instantly cooler after we went in.. The crowd control was okay - yea, I'm saying this despite after sweating like a pig outside.. but it was all for the good of the shoppers inside.

I went around about 3 times to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. The majority is C&K shoes, largely heels. There's a stretch for flats and they run out really fast. The stuff for Pedro men is really lacking, just a little corner with pathetic varieties. Pedro women also pale in comparison to it's obverse.

Despite the spread, I wasn't spoilt for choice. We gave ourselves a budget of SGD100 each. He obviously didn't spend any, and here's my loot for SGD67.70. ◠v◠

SGD 29.90
I found this booties straight after I step in. I bought a 37, for such shoes usually have a narrower cut.

SGD 12.90
The only pair that falls in the range of the price we saw on display. It's $9-$12/14.. everywhere but almost every pair I picked was more than $20. (=﹏=)

SGD 24.90
I got this only on the last round.. The last time I wore wedge, I fell flat on a cab. (Story too embarrassing to share) Even though that pair was ridiculously much taller, I've not really eyed any wedge since. The height for this seems decent.. and comfy.

Over all, I think it was a worthy trip. I may be too picky (I gave up a few pairs) but I was already happy with my loots. That price, is lesser than a pair I get in stores. THAT, is the joy of braving a warehouse sale.

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