Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dating under $100

I'll not be doing today's #Blogtober14, coz you can see the same on Blogtember's 24.

So, I thought I would share a dating "project" we did a few days ago..

Willie came up with the idea that we'd spend within a budget of $100, like the Budget Barbie.. He actually took videos and we came home to try to build a site.. but we haven't got to the layout when he already got tired.. LOL

Come, join my date.. for a hundred bucks.


Before anything, a selfie as soon as we step out.. My area and height provides really good natural light. ;)

We took the train. We'd usually do that so it was a norm. But for the record, he wanted to take a photo with the station's name "Orchard Road". ⊙.☉ Need a not... LOL

Salad & Soup Set ++ $15
A little bite to start our day at Toss & Turn. A really filling salad set, we added another protein and this cost us $15. It fed both of us well. $7.50 each for such food in Orchard Road, I'll say Not bad at all..
It's my second patronage, the first was last year. I remembered it being tasty but why I didn't return, I can't recall.. the fact that its only outlet is in Ion should not deter anything since Willie always tabao me dinner from its neighbours, each a cup.. ramen.. But I would have more of this, now that I remember it's yummy.
I probably couldn't finish this myself, maybe just the salad. I ❤ creating my own salad, actually pretty much about everything.. that they had chick peas, huge raisins, that smoked salmon goes well with mushrooms..

Today, we've come to Ion Sky, which is now free to enter..
A cup of bubble tea after meals, $3.30 for a large to share.
They used to charge $16 per pax if memory serves. There's nothing here except a good view, as far as your eyes could see.

As far as I know, not many people knew of this place yet, or is not informed of its free entry.. It can be accessed via the Level 4 Ion Art Gallery. It doesn't look like much now, but imagine watching the sunset - which we did but clouds spoilt it - and then staying a little while when the night lights of the city comes on.. Quite romantic I'd say.

Next agenda was window shopping which is aplenty in this area.. I haven't done a luxury eye-shopping for a while and went around to check some stuff I've seen online, and gift and shoes hunting.. ✯◡✯

Dinner's at Domani
Domani is located at B2 in Ngee Ann City. We were excited to recommend this place because we had always left this place satisfied; gastronomically and well-served.
But not so that evening..
We're not sure why it took so long to host us, it was just half-filled.

Mandatory shot in restaurant
Maybe they will
I was genuinely shocked when a glass broke but nobody apologised, not even the waiter at the next table to the patrons she was serving, instead, she rolled her eyes at the back of the head of the inexperienced young waiter who dropped that glass. It's really none of our business but such bad displays to any customers. The air was weird, after.
The food was still okay, nothing was to rave about, but we liked that $30+ was able to get us a meal with soup (or other appetisers), pasta and a main, and that's the highest priced one.
Soup was instant, pasta all tasted the same, but the main is good, at least mine was..
Crab & Prawn Pasta + Lobster Tomato Chicken Pasta + Pork Loin
I don't want to sound like a food blogger but.. it seems inappropriate to not describe the food to you after showing you the pics.. (¬‿¬) But I'm not good at it so...
Crab + Prawn is not stingy in ingredients, lots of crab.. yums.. Sauce for both pastas tasted pretty much the same even though one is seafood and the other poultry, I guess instant again.. but they both taste better than Pastamania.
Lobster in cream sauce with cheese.. erm.. cheese alone should be enough.. you know when sometimes dairy products curd in heat and the texture is a weird slime.. ya
His pork loin was too pork and tough, so I don't like. Finish.
Anyway, I think this place is apt for budget dating. Food is not bad, presentation good enough to look classy, friendly on the pockets, heck the service since you only have each other in your eyes... (♥♥,)

Dinner was $66.70 which brought us to $85. We decided to end the date with a pint of Ben & Jerry's on the way home, $14.90.
10¢ for the change box.


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