Thursday, 30 October 2014

30 . (more) Facts about me

Aside the shabby list here, here's a little more..

  • I cry really easily; at commercials, in theaters, even watching Japanese animes or just reading. People who really knows me go to to the movies with me armed with tissues.
  • The last horror movie I voluntarily watched was Thirteen Ghosts. Voluntarily because sometimes I'm caught off guard by repeats on TV. That year, there were too many good horror movies, that I "over-watched" and I kept scaring myself till I never wanna watch another horror show again. 
  • I do not like snacks. I just love Hello Panda 🐼 .
  • My husband, Willie, is technically younger than me. 59 days, 4 hours, 54 minutes younger.
  • I smoked for almost 15 years. I'm currently smoke-free for about 3.5 years now. I'd never liked the smell of smoke. We don't smell it when we inhale, I would get my smoking friends to exhale the other way.
  • Willie quitted smoking too. For me, he'd always say.
  • I love Surprises.
  • I used to be, erm, hot-headed? I'll shoot my mouth at anything that needs to be corrected. I'd since toned down, too much than I'd prefer. So much that I'm an easy pushover now - even Willie points this out - especially at work.
  • I'm sensitive, towards feelings of both others and my own. If not for the love of my friends, who are always giving in to me, even though I'm a pushover now, I'd Be Always Crying (#1).
  • I do not have a poker face, no matter how hard I work on it. Read yesterday's post.
  • I dropped out of school. Twice.
  • I then ironically spend almost 10 years now in private studies.
Alright, that's twelve more..

For those visiting or who'd known me from Helene's #Blogtober14 challenge, this would be my last post for the challenge since I do not dress up for Halloween, thus I do not have a Halloween look to reveal. 
I had added a whole lot of you in my bloglovin for my reading pleasure. I'll see read you around! 

Happy Halloween 🎃 !

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