Wednesday, 29 October 2014

29 . Most Embarrassing Moments

Oh my... I cannot believe I'm sharing this..

double face palm
My husband, Willie and I, do not fart in each other's presence, and he'd usually leave the room to pass his air. I, generally do not pass much air. I'm always bloated because I have difficulties passing gas. It started when I taught myself etiquette; now I have difficulties in passing any gas: fart or burp. I used to oppress them so much, now I have to force them out of me, usually to no avail. I'm totally amazed by bloating pills, like the bloated-ness just vanish!

Anyway, back to my most embarrassing moment. (omg)

Willie went to bathe, and I thought it safe to relive my bloatty colon.
a silent but deadly one
And then, he came right back in.

I turned immediately when he opened the door.
As poker-faced as I attempted, I probably looked like this 'cause he asked what's wrong, baby?
Taking in a deep breath, I tried to come up with something,
he thought it was a gesture for him to do the same.

oh.. OH.. OOH! ooffff...

As he backs out the door

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