Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28 . Thinking too much, much?

I'm relatively not a superstitious person; relatively to people I know. I do not do or avoid certain things on purpose but there are times which I'd give it a think.

Picking up money.
Asian people are really funny. We believe picking up money on the street is lucky BUT NEVER during the Hungry Ghost Festival. I've came to learn not to keep that money whether I pick it or not. Two ideologies:
1. The money is not yours.
2. Just pay it forward.
Just yesterday, I spotted $10. This might be only the 2nd 10 bucks I spotted in my entire life. I was on the phone, so I pointed to Willie, and gesture a donate sign because I know that's what he'd wanted too.

We make wishes at 11.11. Or 1.11, we're not picky. ;)

Black cats
I'm not sure what others have against these beautiful creatures but here in Singapore (and many Chinese infested countries), we believe NEVER letting a black cat jump over the coffin during the wake OR the dead would wake. We hold wakes at void decks or along the streets and we have lots of stray cats here, so family members or relatives stay watch overnight. I'd love a black cat any time when I'm not at one.

I'm just a scaredy-cat.

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