Monday, 27 October 2014

27 . Dear Younger Me

Dear me in 2010,

It's the beginning of a great year, you're just married and is soon going on a mini honeymoon.
Have a double think on leaving the work force totally. ACCA is not gonna take just a few years, they did not came up with the 10 years limit because it's a good number. Sure, many had done it. But you are not them. Take it at your own pace. Learn to embrace and love yourself more. It's okay not to be a certified accountant. It's good to be one but not a must. You may desperately want to leave that job, but you don't have to stop working totally. Trust me on this. Remember, the ultimate objective is to have a happy family. You do not have to bring home too many thousands to have that. Focus on what you'd already had. Learn to balance your work and family time. 
Willie would be the most understanding and accommodating husband, continue to appreciate him as you did. He'd appreciate you back. Things will work themselves out and Willie would be there for you, he'd keep his promise to be the pillar and the windshield. But he'd remain the brat he is.
Kids do not drop from the sky like they told you. Do not be dismay because you do not have any news. Remember you have the brattiest kid to mother already. He may be all you have but he's all you'd ever need and he wouldn't mind you not bearing him any kids. Like the profession, it's good to have but not a must. You'd already have the best.

❤, Me

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