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23 . Photo editing tools

I'm not sure if I can make the cut for today's #Blogtober14 which is Favorite instagram editing apps/ or editing tools for your blog..

Well.. because I do not use as much filter and editing as I used to.. I've came to appreciate more natural looks.. but that is if you have perfectly taken photos, which was why I (used to) keep going after better cameras, even the one on my phone. SO, I still gotta need some fix for some most photos.

Simple yet quality quick fix.. Like the photos here.. A crop not to affect the resolution.. and details tweaking to sharpen the photo but not too much, so I love this 'cause you choose how much sharpness or structure to add, not just a button and bam!, it goes as sharp as the app thinks it should be.. Another greatness is the Selective Adjust which allows you to select a point and adjustments only affect the selected area. (shown)

I only came to know of this because it was a came-with app on my Z2 and I'm really grateful it was. This is so easy to use and no unnecessary nonsense. I lied - there are still those totally uncute stickers they thought people would use. But this is my go-to for simple collage and if I want a nice text or watermark my photos. They have many nice fonts and placement is easy flexible for a phone app.

This is one of the longest software I've ever used, sometimes I abandon it when Google isn't thinking right and do some stupid thing or didn't do something already.. This is like a simpler version of Lightroom, because I really do not have use of many things in there. So, I went back to Picasa, which is free. It helps a lot with organizing, especially with tagging, and locating photos later. For editing, it has the basic stuff, like cropping, and also a one-click-fix: I'm feeling Lucky which sometimes works too. There was a time, when I had a camera that has the worst white balance, I had to work through every photo, that simplifies everything.

Another reason I don't use Lightroom because I don't need to pay too much twice. Mine is currently on trial after I finally get one version to work on my Windows 8 but I'm not sure would I recommend this now that they force everyone to go on Creative Cloud and charges a monthly subscription instead of just letting me pay once for something I actually use.
But for photo edits, I would say most users would agree this is second to none. I use it beyond..

Crystalization | gif
Not a fix but when I had one photo I ❤ so much I need a lot of version of it. ≧◡≦
I also use PS for animated photos.gif.. ✯◡✯

And when I feel a little artsy..
Crest for a game clan Icons like those you see in the sidebar for apps or the one beside my blog name ⇧ on your browser tab.
And when I have the time and mood, I'll just google anything photoshop and experiment the different things you can do on this wonder ware.

I do have 2 apps to share for instagram not because they're fantastic but they're really handy.

because sometimes, we just wanna text

because instagram annoyingly wants us to post in squares
and I have a perfectly taken picture I don't wanna crop any part of it.

How do you tweak your photos?

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