Wednesday, 22 October 2014

22 . My Pet Peeves

I feel I'm risking my reputation telling these.. Some may find me OCD or really nitty gritty, or even a clean freak.. or maybe just a freak. but whatever!

Complain Kings & Queens. We - Singaporean - are infamous for being unsatisfied with what we have but this is not what I want to talk about. Just small scale human beings like you and me he and she who are/had been/always unhappy with what they have but NEVER try to make any change.
Everyone deserves a little outlet to let off some steam, and after that, you either resolve with your own feelings or propose improvements. If you'd exhaust all attempts, maybe you should get yourself out of the situation (work/relationship/whatever). If you had decided to sit on your behind, then you probably deserve what you're deserving.

Bad driving. Or poor footing as my driving friend call it. I have kinetosis but I don't always feel sick from a ride. I'm might be even perfectly fine on a boat ride.
So I mostly blame it on poor driving skills.
≋ Drivers who brake and accelerate every inch in a jam.
≋ Drivers who sway as if to the radio.
≋ Drivers who think they're on F1. (For goodness sake, you're driving a 12m bus!)
Drivers themselves should know, as this is told to me by not just one driver - they had NO IDEA how their passengers feel (till they became a passenger and have a good taste of bad driving). On my part, I avoid car rides (even cabs and buses), and am ever so grateful for our MRT system, no matter how messy they get. Willie has a driving license but we do not own a car, and on the few rare occasions he'd rent one, he's cautious and would make sure I'm feeling alright. You don't need an unscathed 10 years license to be a good driver.

source | source | source | source | source
Ignorance - with intention or lack of. I hope this sums up well. The "lack of" is because there are occurrences I'm given an impression an ignorance is displayed sarcastically or intentionally like "People feign ignorance as an excuse for their bad behaviour." I can't even tell the difference of the above anymore.
One thing about uninformed opinions is they're mostly judgmental, and what gave one a certain right to comment mindlessly? Again, ignorance or sarcasm?
And the worst of feigning ignorance is cutting queue. You think we can't SEE you ah?


Pungency. No matter where the outlet. I have what they call the "dog nose". Bad smells just kill me!
I almost forgot. Smokes too. Coming from an ex-smoker, I've disliked second-hand smoke even when I smoked! (smokception?) And also incense smoke.. I can't help it! They hurt my nose, it's physical, not emotional!
Anyway, we're currently facing smells issue here in where we're living.. so...
Loving my #IONOrchard scented candle
Now my room smells like Ion Orchard! I'd always love that scent, it's therapeutic. I secretly think it makes you get in a vacation mood and spend!!

Running away from me yet?
There's more!

Noises. and all these movie bad behaviours.

They fail to mention those long legs spiders kicking the back of the chair.. (◣◢)┌∩┐

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