Tuesday, 21 October 2014

21 . Dream Vacation...

My dream vacation would be this Paris and western Europe honeymoon we'd never went.

Anyone putting off their honeymoon for later? Don't. Even though we went on a mini one to Koh Phi Phi - which was also lovely - I still want to go to Paris! And the best time to go on an expensive dream vacation is when your mind is still dreamy from the lovey dovey.. LOL
Europe just seems like the place for me.. No sunny hot sun but air's not too dry for my sensitive nose.. and all the romance in the air.. Actually, I'm not sure.
I always fell ill when I go to places where the climate is very different from Singapore. It doesn't even have to be mid-winter, I fell ill both in Hong Kong and Taiwan during their winter-spring phase, when the weather is said to be supposed to be warmer than earlier phase. My nose just can't take the cold and it just froze as soon as I step out of their airports.

Nonetheless, I still hope to go on my dream Europe trip, nose frozen or not.

What's your Dream Vacation?!

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