Sunday, 19 October 2014

19 . What makes me Happy..

Purple stuff..
Purple triumphs from Taipei.
These were all bought in just one day!
Seeing purple just makes me happy! My l♡ve since I was 8 seldom differ. There was only a rare occurrence; when many people started dyeing purple hair and they are just not flattering.. It didn't deter my love for purple but I just hated seeing them.

Customized stuff..
Self designed & customized wedding gown.
Customized gift
or to anything with my name on.
I am extremely happy to receive gifts with my name on. Not just a measly writing or sticker. Something that carved or engraved. I feel those gifts are not generic and are specially made for me, which they are!

They may not be really living beings or even pets but I prefer to see them as having a role in some one else's life. Could be an important one. We all do have that first friend when we were younger? Could be a Barbie, or a Transformer.. Think of these as those, just handmade, by yours truly.

Good food..
Lots of good food~
It seems like a matter of fact but I do know of people who doesn't give a heck about quality of food they put in their mouth. Bad food really puts me down, and vice versa, I get really high on good food!

What makes you happy?

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