Thursday, 16 October 2014

16 . Fall Fashion

Or maybe not.
I'm just not a fashion person.
We don't have Fall in Singapore.

I don't always dress like that. There was an interview that morning hence the formality. (Oops, it's not exactly formal either..)
Job hunting is a bitch, things are slow - not that I'm complaining - and here's some trivia facts.. in compensation for my lack of fashion sense..
  • Only male agents/employers asked about my family plans - actually about baby plans.
  • Underlying, it was discrimination!
  • Only male agents/employers tried to give me advice.
  • Of some sort.. Any sort..
  • A handful - actually, all - expressed the (potential) dissatisfaction employers (may) have of my numerous short-term jobs but they wanted the expertise that I acquired from those jobs. O_o
I did a bit of contract jobs after I switched to studying full-time and when the expected timeline didn't follow through. To keep myself from turning rusty. Admittedly, they were fun. And at one a few points, I was thinking of just working through contract roles.
Contract roles are sometimes project basis - if not temporary substitution, those are just usual work - like for system migration which did not necessitated mundane tasks.
They are riskier (unemployment) but it comes with more flexibility (free time between jobs). BUT responsibility demands stability=full-time job. Or maybe I could work some thing out in the future to enjoy both worlds. Maybe.

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