Wednesday, 15 October 2014

15 . Favourite Quote

This is not the quote I always lived by.. but this is really needed these years more than ever.

My live-by quote in my younger years was What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But I guess I do not need to be so strong headed or that I felt I didn't need to - which is absolutely not true. I guess I do not want to think of bad happenings as bad, because I do feel that the quote is a little consoling if you know what I mean. I'll just take everyday as an episode, an experience, I do not have to grade it good or bad.

It was naive, really. Because bad things do happen, and if you were to dismiss it as just any other thing, you are technically allowing it to happen again.

If we'd relate it to the first quote, "happenings" as in what people say about or treat you; say - badmouthing or backstabbing. You got to know it'd happen before you can react. I mean how are you gonna react to something you don't know, right? And depending on how you react to it, it may persists or perishes.
If you came to learn of it, and you pretend you didn't know/care of it, hoping it will just perish since makers are not getting the attention they wanted, but it might go the other way and fire might burn higher.


Reaction seems like a simple act but such important thoughts go behind each of it.

What's your favourite quote?

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