Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14 . Adventurous Mini Me

Today's #Blogtober14 is Funniest memory from childhood but I wouldn't call any part of my childhood funny, or even fun. Family I'm in just didn't make growing up any easier.

But because of how it was back then, we kids did try to make life a little more memorable. Just a little.

One day, a few kids and I decided we wanted to ride the BEST kiddie ride in Singapore.
Now, I don't even know what that means, they're all the same.. Swaying and swaying for 20¢, just that if you're lucky, you get "swayed" for a longer time.

But anyway, we decided so, and 4 of us all went home to "dig" all money we could find - which actually is "steal" - from pockets of clothes hanging around or the change boxes.. and we changed all about $100 into 20¢. Ya, ALL.

I couldn't recall which of us thought the ones in Sentosa was really great, and we decided to take a bus to Telok Blangah, which wasn't far from where we lived, and we climbed up Mount Faber. Yes, climb. It was after lunch when we got up there and we were starving. But nothing stop us from our kiddie rides hunt.

We wanted to take the cable car over and seeing us as kids, they let us ride FREE. See.. the advantage of "roaming" with just kids. We always mixed and stood close to adults to appear to be a part of their group. In case of predators or police, I don't know. Yea, we were smart. I wouldn't suggest the same in current times but I was glad we weren't kidnapped or something.

We couldn't find the "great" kiddie rides but from all the adventurous exploring, we were already tired before sunset. We took a cab. And it was HUGE taking a cab as kids without adults. It was tricky convincing the cabby we wouldn't running away from home.. and not to send us to the police station. We look even more suspicious when we paid the fare of $8 ALL in twenty cents coins.

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