Wednesday, 8 October 2014

08 . Letter to Yourself in 10 Years

Hey Me,

Do you have a cat now?
I hope his name is Tux like I planned.

Are you still heavy?
If still, I hope you've already lived pass being miserable about it.
If not, congratulations!

Do you have a baby? Or 2? Or 3?
Are they Wayne and Jayne or maybe Jude and Jade?
If no, it's okay.. You'd already have the biggest boy to take care of.

Speaking of which, how's Willie? Is he just as cheeky?
I hope the moving went well, (so was it 2015 or 2016?), had the renovations & decor we wanted and that we did hold the many house-warming+gathering like I hoped for.
I hope I cooked better now, and managed to come up with some delicious vegan for him.

I'm sorry I left you so much debt to clear, I hope that didn't deter the home plans.
I'm sorry I got indecisive about our career, and I hope Willie did manage to make it all better for you.
I hope you have a lot more friends now, true or not, who'd keep in touch more.

I believe you would still love "ME Day", I hope the Queen's room is made just for that.
Don't forget to spend "WE Days" too.
Lastly, please tell Willie I love him. ~
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♥  

Lots of ♥, Me

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