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07 . Best & Worst Vacation

Yup.. that's for today's #Blogtober14 prompt.. and for me it happened to be the Taipei trip which I've pretty much shared.

Or, maybe I didn't, it was mainly the hardship of bridal shoot, but it was fun and memorable at the same time BUT like I mentioned I never want to do it again. The best AND the worst do not have to be the same vacation, but it was for me.

It wasn't good thing happened and then ended bad or vice versa..
They were intervening through out the whole trip.

There might be worse situations in travelling but nothing beats being sick the whole time. To me.
I usually try to be a chill pill so I won't scream for missing anything, maybe a little upset before the chill pill effects kick in but nope, no regrets. So this sharing might sound boring.. But for the purpose of this post, just imagine...

I got sick right after (or may be during) the bridal shot which was on day 3.

... being ill for a span of 8 days, in a city you've only watched on screen, surrounded with food you've been wanting to eat.. places you wanted to visit..

But I didn't spend any days wasted.. in my hotel room (if you can call it one)..

Luckily before the shoot, on day 2, I had the BEST steamboat in my lifetime.. My in-laws just watch in on TV the night before and decided to go for it. It wasn't near any where we wanted to go, we went just for it, and I'm glad we did.

Qilin Sha Cha Steamboat
What do they put in there that is so different from ours.. The fried fish was the bomb, each request is always backordered. Fresh, not frozen. The wings were fabulous too.. Got this old school taste of the batter. We went "home" fully satisfied that night.

My "hotel" was in XiMenDing, a shopping district. I could start shopping the moment I step out.
But the best moment was coming back after a long day and getting supper at the building across the street..

卤肉饭 | Minced pork rice
Supper we could have every day, which we did.. No matter what we tabao from the places we visit that day, we'd come back and Willie will go get a pack of this savoury fragrant pack of rice. EVERY NIGHT. *fat die us*

For a few nights, I was looking for nice Oden; coz I had really nice ones at Kiseki some time back. I know Japan occupied Taiwan for a period of time and Taiwan still has a lot of their culture among their current lifestyle; food, old housings etc.. Oden is one of them, so I thought I could find real Japanese oden here in Taipei.

Of course not. I tried 3 times in total and not one of them is what I imagined, which I later realised, Kiseki was the one that was not authentic. What I was looking for was the 福袋 (kinchaku - beancurd pouch) that is filled with fishcake or prawns or seafood but REAL kinchaku are filled with mochi! At first, I thought it was a cheap rip off, using cheaper ingredients but I was wrong. I was just too fascinated with the creation of Kiseki. *dream food gone*

The weather was mostly cold and wet, not helping my cold and wet nose at all.

Ping Xi
One such cold day was a long train ride to 平溪 Ping Xi. It drizzled non stop with cold merciless wind.

The interval of the train was so long, there was nothing left at 九份 Jiufen when we turned back around. (╥﹏╥) Jiufen is like the Asia Santorini.

And we had to go back to the bridal to review the photos before we begin our day (or after some times) but we we not satisfied even when we had to leave Taiwan. In the end, the final photoshop work was done by yours truly. But they wouldn't let me work on the originals, so I can only edit the altered photos. Another infuriating matter was, we were asked to pay for the credit card charges because we opt to use credit card instead of the scarce TWD we had. It's in appropriate and actually illegal (I know at least to VISA) to charge customer these merchant fees. But in a foreign country.. no matter the friendliness, the freedom from language barrier, we failed to argue for that right. *still angry thinking about face of the mercenary lady boss*

Hope you can tell I really dislike green using it for the bad experiences.. Ya.. I'm a colour person like that.

I'd like to hear bad experiences! Anyone!?

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