Monday, 6 October 2014

06 . 10 Thoughts when I started Blogging..

I'm gonna build a fantastic site!
ya.. ya..

I'm gonna blog everyday.
which I seriously did when I started

I would blog about everything..
everything.. even cursing my superiors..

I must take a picture of everything..
there weren't even camera phones 12 years ago..

It was okay that nobody reads my blog
it really was.. better this way.. especially with the things I'd written..
it's like what it is now.. physical & virtual friends were not mixed..

It was okay to receive rude comments from anonymous cowards
they are, after all anonymous cowards..

Be prepared to be stalked
blogs had no privacy then, and if you didn't know what to filter what you write, like I did, 
be prepared to have your things known to strangers

What would my friends be thinking when they knew that
I blog about what I ate, what I used, and where I went
it just seems strange back then to describe how lovely a steak was, 
and how great this foundation felt on my skin on an open journal
but I enjoyed the sharing process so much, I didn't care..

I never thought anyone could make a living from blogging.. solely from blogging.
Like Xiaxue..

Speak in your own skin.
from my very first blog, my quote was "you'd need a "Jeanie encyclopedia" to understand this blog"
people who didn't understood were not my audience

The above thoughts are for today's #Blogtober14 prompt: 10 Things You'd Tell Yourself When You Started Blogging. I didn't have anything I wished I told myself so I shared my naive thoughts 12 years ago..

What would YOU have told yourself back when you were a blogging noobie?

Helene in Between
I'm participating in
The #Blogtober14 Challenge

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