Saturday, 4 October 2014

04 . My Favourite on Instagram

For today's prompt

Favourite Photo You've Posted on Instagram

Is it even possible to have only ONE favourite?

Things Inside

I've posted many displays of Love between Willie & I, in either directions.. I'd love to pick THE one but there's seriously too many.. so here's one of the things I'd really liked, but not something he would do on a regular basis..

This was my first week at my previous job and I was getting comfortable and "moving" into the office, and he helped to pack some essentials after I fell asleep doing it.. lol..

It's not uncommon for him to be doing things for me.. but I don't know.. I have a thing for notes.. especially ❤ notes.. and he seldom ever leave any.. and because I saw it after I woke, it's gotta be the right timing I guess.. ^^

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