Friday, 3 October 2014

03 . I can't live without... you...

On #Blogtober14 today: One Thing You Can't Live Without

If Willie could be considered a thing, it would be him.
BUT that just kills the fun.

But what comes next is nothing out of the norm - if I intrigued you a bit. and it goes back to the same reason above.

I can't live without..
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.. My Mobile Phone..
.. because I can't live without Willie.. *mushy*

This may be really mainstream and so common but I really need it..

I would need it to ~
~call him
~~text him
~~~bother him
~~~~tell him I miss him
~~~~~nudge him for a game or two
~~~~~~~place my order for dinner/supper..
~~~~~~~~remind him to get bubble tea... (^_-)-☆

and because I spend a lot more time ALONE..

I need it for
~~~text-ing others
~~~~bothering others
~~~~~nudging others for a game or two..
and most importantly..
~~~~~~phototaking (best phone camera thus far, surpassing even S4 Zoom.. by a LOT)

I was practically crippled when I lost my mobile earlier this year. For the 10 days I waited before the above baby launched in the market, I had dark rings around my eyes.. Just kidding... What about you?

What can't you live without?

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