Thursday, 2 October 2014

02 . Dream Job

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt Dream job when you were little/ what is it now? is somewhat similar to Blogtember Day 03 but this is really specifically directed at job..

I might have numerous dream jobs when I was a kid and the last I remembered was during my teens.. and that, was to open a Chocolate shop.

If memory serves, Royce has not entered Singapore at that time, and there really was no Chocolate shop.. so I thought I had a really unique and genuine idea!

Slowly, I see more candy shops bringing more chocolate varieties, but they never do really well until the big names came in.. and the locals just faded away.. I guess I would probably end that way if I had my own set-up.. and my idea was to make them myself! I stop laughing right now, I was sooooo CUTE. Naive, ya, but cute.


And now.. my dream.. is to..
open a Bubble Tea shop!
Well, my idea was not to ride with the bubble when it first entered Singapore in 2000 but I was a little shaken when they suddenly disappeared when the fad fade. We all knew it just bubbled (pun?) too quickly and burst itself. So, I only wanted to have ONE branch. I SHOULD HAVE done it. The above is my favourite brand, it's almost like my poison.. I have it every alternate days if not everyday.
And it is the one brand that came back and is still growing in the market. So, back to "I should have", I was after all a secondary school student then, I don't have $30,000 for a franchise.. or the collateral to loan it.. Now, maybe I could... ✯◡✯

All in all, I think I'm just a little glutton who wanna feast as she sell, and probably eat myself outta business.. LOL

What is your dream job?

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