Wednesday, 1 October 2014

01 . Winning the lottery

Today onwards, for 30 days, I'm on another wagon to blogging daily..

And this challenge is brought together by Helene and Taylor.. which I found while googling for Blogtober. Yes, I was already thinking of October while still dealing with Blogtember.. and I'll soon be looking for a Blogvember!!

For the first #Blogtober14 prompt: If you won the lottery you'd...

Erm... This is a rather simple one yet complicated one..

I used to always think about this before I go to sleep.. because I have problems sleeping and I'm always advised to think happy thoughts! I've done this for years, SO, I end up with a lot of versions of my happy thoughts.

Presently - let's take it as a Million SGD -

  • I'll put aside an amount for our coming home & renovation..
  • I'll probably give the rest to Willie (the hubby) to do what's he's better at - growing money with money.. or..

  • We'll travel the world..
  • I'm not sure if it's enough but I will include that.. Early retirement, preferably in another country..
I'm okay in staying here in Singapore but Willie and a few friends had been talking about leaving.. and to me.. home is where Willie is.. I'd just follow..

I'll probably do a few more things, less significant ones, like shop A LOT.. eat A LOT...

I didn't include charity as I didn't think that's what one should do only if you'd won the lottery. Ok.. Maybe I should include that, that I could give a more regular and more meaningful sum.

What would you do if you'd won the lottery?

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