Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Man speaks up..

I found this Blogger Men Tell All link-up through Danielle - she always has some fun going on - and told Willie about it.

The frequency of blogging appearing in our conversations has been on a high recently.. Despite a sharing person - a blogger's no. 1 personality? - he hates writing (that's what he said), so this link-up is relatively simple - he only answers 5 questions ONCE a month -  and could get him involved in a little blogging fun. Who knows, he may start doing it himself?
And to make it even simpler, I guess I will do it in a form or table for ease of input. (LIE - I didn't wanted him messing with my format. ٩(×̯×)۶)

We're a little late to the party but here it is...

If you had a blog what would you call it and what would it be about?I would call it… Chubby Brat Chronicle
If you could live inside any videogame, which would it be?Pokemon… LOL… I wanna keep a Pikachu!!
Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season?I am not a soccer fan... Why would any man have fantasy on a football team? Are they straight? Sorry, no romance for soccer…
If you could play for any professional sports team, which would it be?A Pro Fishing Team! Period!
What do you typically do with an hour of free time?An hour of free time alone...? Time for some videos…… Are you thinking what I'm thinking???

Men are just not so expressive, are they?
I totally got the videogame correct.. and the sports team was not so difficult.. The joke on football team.. I should have guessed that, my man is after all one of the rare that's not into football (which I'm grateful for).. As for the videos, he did not mean pornography, if you're swinging that way.. LOL.. He's really into motivational and self-enhancement; his current idol is Joel Bauer.

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