Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn!

We had a walk in the Gardens by the Bay on this Full Moon autumn evening.

Mid-Autumn Festival @ The Gardens 2014

It's been a few years that I neglected this festival, not even having a walk along the many lanterns and lightings decoration over the island. Another puzzling piece, since it's after all, my lunar birthday. It had became so widely celebrated I do not have to visit a specific venue for them anymore. The festival of course, not my birthday.. (ーー;)
Contrary to assumption, I dislike moon cakes so do not expect any photo of them. I had moon cakes so much that I had a really huge birthday moon cake once. Argh, I hated that birthday. Which kid in their right mind would want a lotus seed paste cake than a chocolate one?
I do not usually celebrate on my lunar birthday but that's what families and closer ones remember by, especially it's usually the elders whom still remember birthdays by the lunar calendar. Hence few remembered really, and wished me, and gradually as I grew up, I don't at all.
But it's special some times to have so many people around the world celebrate with you, with beautiful lights and warming family gathers. Some times I'm called the moon bunny or piglet, or other cute lil' nicknames associated when the festive air got to them.. That, is warming too..

Happy Lantern Festival!
( ◠‿◠)/Φ

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