Friday, 5 September 2014

Best Birthday (to date)

This post was reproduced as the original was gone with my old tumblr and the memories keep lingering these days as the date draws near for this year. This happened in last September 2012.

This time, Hubby tried really hard to give me a surprise. He tried his best not to even leak any hints on the dinner venue because I have history of breaking surprises. (I'm too 'smart' for my own good.) Being the intrigued me, tried by guessing "Is it high up in the sky?". I think that totally hit it. He went "Okay, I'm not talking anymore.." LOL
So... for a few weeks, I had been guessing and asking around, and got a few possibilities. First that came to mind was Equinox since I've thought about going there for years but I had my reserves, I felt really uncomfortable when I last went to News Asia Bar, the height or alcohol, I don't know.. Then, there was this rotating restaurant up on a tower I always hear from our friends, which I'm even more afraid of since I have kinetosis. If it was the Flyer, then it's totally out of the question too. Then I thought of the one up at Ion Sky.. Every time I'm there, the savory yummy smell greets me once I step out of the lift, I've been wanting to dine there. And since I've been to Ion Sky a few times, the view was luring and height was fine for me.. It's kind of exciting to look forward to surprises so I managed to suppressed my curiosity to ask further.

The day was finally here.
Manicure - ticked.
Make Up - ticked.
Dress (that I still can fit in) - ticked.
Heels - ticked.
Happy Mood - ticked.

I started to giggle once we booked for a cab. 'Cause eventually Hubby had to say out the venue before we were even there, and it's not like he's gonna blindfold me. I totally laughed out when he said "Ion Orchard" to the cabby. LOLOL

After we reached, Hubby took the elevator instead of the lift, so I thought we were gonna take a walk before dinner. And since he haven't got me a gift, Ion is like the best place to shop for one, no? *evil greedy giggle*
[About the gift - I was asked to pick from A, B, C, and D through Whatsapp one day, and I replied "E. All of the above." Wahahahahaha.. But it just ends there, so I had totally no idea.]

Then gradually we went into the second level of Prada. I haven't been there for a while hence I looked around for new items.. Autumn/Winter always has more purple.. ^^
But I was lead to a chair by the display case, and Hubby just nod his head over to a Sales person whom then disappear into the curtains. I eyed Hubby suspiciously and then a new guessing game started.. There were quite a bit of purple bags this season and I pointed around but he just shake his head each time with a smirk. It finally ended when he said "You'll be amazed by my taste" with a proud smile. So I thought he's gonna get me a classic after all. The sales lady reappeared with a wide smile and a BIG paper carrier. He then led me out, I was startled, "This is paid for?!" Wow, I should take a photo of his grin.

Me with my mysterious gift

We went up to Level 55 and we were too early so we walked around... And we tried to retake a photo when we first came up to Ion Sky.

June 2011
September 2012

So much difference in just 18 months! ❤ is the same though.. ^^

We went in shortly after enough nostalgia.
We were given a seat with view, most tables are but I guess he made sure it happened. He had been mumbling to the manager since we stepped in.. I think she's part of the plan too.. lol
We settled quickly and I was looking at the menu when *poof*, a bouquet 'was served'.
I was totally taken by surprise. ^^

I've been contemplating whether to reveal my gift.. There's a bigass box in that bigass paper bag you see ⇡, it would take the whole table. I'm not ready to knock off anything in a high class restaurant.
And I wouldn't want to scream like a happy YET crazy woman if I get too happy..
Hubby, as always, as if he has a receiver in my head, said " Go ahead and take a look at your present.."
I took it out of the bag carefully, place in on both our laps and slowly loosen the ribbon around the box creating more excitement for myself.. lol.. I took out the dust bag, and feel it for a bit, still trying to guess what it was before seeing it for real. I said with confidence "Oh.. it's that one.." as I pull the strings, and as I peeked in, I let out a little shriek. It's THAT bag in my FAVORITE shade of PURPLE!!

I ❤❤❤❤ it!!!

Surprises after surprises.. I need to breathe!!
I quickly put it back as I'm starting to look like a country bumpkin - a very happy bumpkin that is.

Dinner was soon served, and I'm not kidding, nothing doesn't taste good.

Gluttonous me - a spoon in one dish, a fork in another. kekekeke..

Night fall as we slowly indulge in our dinner. Hubby stepped away and I thought to settle the bill. He always does that so I don't have to wait..
哪里知道来 a cake.. The place was dimly lit but the candle on the cake seems like every candle on the tables.. It caught my eye only when it was really close. Another surprise!

It wasn't THE cake but it was close and it was delish~!! Hubby and I both like Black Forest cake, we seldom eat cakes so we would indulge in a good one on our birthdays.

After dinner, we strolled for a bit to nowhere and slowly head home.. My evening was so satisfied I don't need anything else..

It's not the materiality if any is wondering.. It's the feeling of the surprises being put together with so much effort, in my opinion only young boys who are trying hard to please their girls would do. Ya, their precious girls who they want to please so badly and could never bring themselves to disappoint or hurt.

It reminds me of the first birthday prepared by a boyfriend, who is now my Hubby.. lol. He was flustered, desperately hoping everything would go smoothly.. (but in fact nothing did.. LOL)
He's more calm and steady now but still, the constant looking over to the staff is the exact same boy 15 years ago.

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