Monday, 1 September 2014

01 . About the Author

Jeanie Tsang, brought to this world on a September night some decades ago, loves purple and show it so much so associates often correlate the both.
With a strong sense of individuality, she's always evolving, never quite the same person, so much that she surprises herself hence
"Jeanie's Jargon" was reproduced so many times she lost count.
Believing she's going through a midlife transition, she is still searching.. while she tries to wrap-up a professional certification in accounting that took too long.
On a normal day, she's crocheting while watching documentary on youtube, if she's not pretending to be busy, or failing to get the attention of her hubby.

The above is my first day of the Blog-temper Challenge, which I chanced upon reading someone else's challenge.. What a great project that definitely made me wanna write (yet) again..

Perfect for a first entry.. 
Oh.. and a novel I would probably write... would be something like the Fifty Shades BUT from the girl's point of view and nothing shady at all. (Not that I didn't like those shades.. ;P) Just a plain girl with her too-good-to-be-true perfect boy. It may be boring but it would be like living through a fantasy.. or just an alternative life. I believe I used to do that a lot in my essay writings.. I wonder what my teachers thought of me back then..

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