Friday, 5 September 2014

05 . I am passionate about...

I used to be passionate about my job or career, which is Accountancy.
Accounting seems mystical to those who doesn't know or understand and is therefore deemed technical and boring.

It's a lot more than just numbers and balancing tables. It's an art of itself and I never thought I would be so drawn to it like I did. Many accountants uses excel aside the system and software they are to input to, and soon my love for spreadsheet grow too.. And in my free time, learnt to better the skills on my own. Yea, self-taught means half-bucket skills. lol But I enjoyed it.

So, now, even if I have doubt on my devotion for Accountancy, I still like involving Excel in everything I do..
Writing my crochet pattern..
Database my games info..
Doing our own cash flow budgeting..

Would it be weird to say I have passion for excel?

And here's someone who share my passion, so much he created a game within Excel itself!

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