Thursday, 4 September 2014

04 . Fashion...

Today's blog-temper prompt is
Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

I'm thinking, should I just skip this all together. Me no fashion person!

If I'm working, I'm always just Black.
  • Black top
  • Black bottom
  • Black heels (more flats recently.. Age...)
And privately, I'm just casual and... purple.

How does such a boring person like me gonna comment on fashion?


I do think that not all fashion is for everybody.
Argh.. I'm hoping I won't hurt anyone.. (~_~;) *takes deep breath* Here goes...

  1. Neon anything.

    I think the key is appropriateness..
    Myself, I've bought neon nail polishes, (10 years ago?) and I only had one application because it was really hard to carry off. I cannot imagine large patches of neon apparel all over. Coincidentally, we just saw one yesterday. It was a neon yellow top that looks just like the corrective work order vest. Not cool.

  2. Shorts with pockets peeking out.

    Sorry, I just don't understand this.

  3. Sweatpants.
    Call me unfashionable, I don't think these should be on the street unless you're jogging.
    There's a certain group of people who are always donning these, and most of time, as above, full suit. The thing is Singapore is averagely 27°C. Siao bo?! (Crazy not?!)

Okay, I'll stop here. =P

There's actually a type of apparel that I like.
While googling for the above hates, I saw that it's actually widely hated upon.
BUT for commoner me who has far-from-perfect proportions, this is a life saviour.

  • Jeggings

    Jeggings originally meant leggings that are made to look like jeans I guess but I've found other fabric, like chiffon, and looks exactly like office pants. It's cheap thrill but I really enjoy wearing them to work and everyone thought I'm wearing regular women's pants. It's not perfect of course, for those not binding enough, bulges still protrude crudely. ό,ὸ


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