Monday, 29 September 2014

29 . Blogging

Last 2 days of Blogtember! Let's go!

What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner? is today's prompt..

Okay.. I'm not very good at this myself.. I'm just a Google person.. I Google for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Even resourcing for this post, I Google-d.. It was a fun post to put together though.. Some fun founds to share with you...


  • Blog Topic Generator
  • I never knew there is such a thing! I don't know why am I surprised, it's the internet! It can be one that gives you an idea or provides - what you had already written - a fancy title.. There are quite a few.. Just Google it!


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Even as I speak those words, and heard it so many times, I'm no good at it.. I'm just a bad executor.. I'm more into the exposure on this optimization matter, and I thought doing the blogtember challenge was good enough.. Apparently, after I'm done with the daily posting, I do not have time to read all the others to mingle with them.. although when I do, I'm just satisfied with some good read.. That still doesn't help my blog to get out there but for now, I don't really mind yet..


  • Photo tools
  • I learnt that it's better to have at least ONE photo to accompany a whole chunk of literature regurgitation than nothing. I use Flickr to store my photos and make sure they're categorized in albums & tags.. I used to use Photoshop for photo edits but I just can't get to install it properly on my Windows 8 so I gave up.. Then there's Fotor which is as easy as those mobile apps for photo editing.. and even make collages.. I learnt from Bailey that a good collage can illustrate much better than a clutter of text. For a all-rounder, I use Picasa.. for all the above.. I use it to ensure photos are properly tagged (and geo-tagged) before uploading them to Flickr.

  • Royalty-free Music
  • I learnt that it's better to use royalty-free music for your vlogs or website. Both from Willie, when he helped me with the vlog.. and Michelle from her recent case.. They're quite easy to find.. For my vlog, I just look-up for Cute royalty free music... and there're lots to choose from, all free AND legally safe for you to use..

Care to share your blogging resources?

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