Sunday, 28 September 2014

28 . September Roller Coaster Ride

For today's prompt - What were your highs and lows for this month? - I'm gonna bore you..

As with all Septembers, it's mostly high for me.. aside those when I was younger, when I get upset easily on my birthday.. I thought it's a big deal to be my birthday, and I should have everything my way.. Childish I know.. But I guess most kids go through that..

Would it be too much to keep flaunting my birthday photos? (ask for fun)

Never mind.. (not listening)

Here goes! (lol)

I guess there are some lows if I had to nitpick but they are easily counterbalanced by the many highs...
Like when it was difficult to meet some friends (I've said this many times.. it's probably getting it's own post) but there are others who make the time to, and the appreciation for that has already filled the happiness more than double the disappointment of the former has caused. So ya, it was a pretty much happy September for me..

How was your September?

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