Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 . Wish list

May I say? Favourite prompt of the month!

What's on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop, too ;)

A chic & classy wallet..
It's time to change my wallet, and I've been seeking for a while now.. I guess having a really nice one currently, doesn't help one bit. With age, I'm learning to love the classic..

Some nice dresses
Isn't this dress gorgeous? Well, at the time of this post, it's not released yet.. but the owner gets to wear it first! *envious*

A Kitty
Is it even moral to put a pet on a wish list? If it is, here's one. This cuteness is not legal!
I have never get to accommodate a meow buddy because before all things, my mum HATES cats, I don't even know why..

A few friends and I used to take care of this stray cat and placed it in front of a common house, we'd visit and bring it food, play with it, till it gave birth to 4 cute kittens. One of them was this golden tabby that's cute, beautiful, bla bla, and above all, it has this cheeky look (some times I see it in Willie..) I adore.
And later when I grew up, I learnt more about the personality and mysterious behaviour of cats, I wanted a Siamese.. I don't know why really, maybe it looks untouchable like a mystery. And Nala above is a mix of both.. Me want~~~  (っ◕◕)っ

Back to "why not yet" - so, I would need to have my own place before I would consider having a furball(s), and also the responsibility.. because I would have to live with them forever, I often think of it like finding a husband, and like the Chinese often say, leave it to fate.

A(nother) bag
A lightweight, good sized one.
I already had 2 Neverfulls and I KNOW I shouldn't want another.. But the leather is so heavy by itself! Imagine the weight when it's actually full.. (pun? tee hee) Any owner would understand my plight. I was first looking at the Cabas MM which looked really.. happy? But it looked like it's for the beach..
Then I saw this Noefull - a fusion of my two favourites - the Noe and the Neverfull.. Noe. full. Got it?! Okay, getting too excited.. Anyway, why this was preferred was the duo usage function..
The full not looking too fantastic? I guess I have to look at the actual product in store to decide. I'm hoping their denim is lighter than their leather! (fabric can sometimes be really heavy..)

Of course, a good bag does not have to be a luxury brand but I've learnt that the quality is guaranteed and I'm happy with mine since 2009.

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