Friday, 26 September 2014

26 . A year of Change

TGIF everyone! I can't believe I'm almost finishing the challenge! It sure doesn't seems too difficult now nearing the end.. and for today's prompt..

This time last year I still had a job. It's not a sad thing to be unemployed because..
This time last year I was stressed as hell.. Imagine being stressed when I just got back from a cruise vacation.. and my position is not even one with fixed scope and not like a pile was waiting for me to come back to clear.. I was just back and stressed.
This time last year I was in a shithole I didn't realised..

Okay.. I'm gonna stop at that before the negativity goes out of control and that's just only about a job.

The rest of my world was great.. well, not great-great but live-able.

In the coming months after this time last year, I totally overworked, had no time for myself, and even flunk a paper for the 2nd (or 3rd, lost in time) f**king time. I was sick every single month. Thinking back, I still think it's the job, unhappiness loads a whole lot more virus than you could imagine. and of course, that same job doesn't sympathise for it's cause.

Fast forward to the point I decided to leave, it was the happiest moment of the year. I should not even have stayed, I know. I should have pack my stuff when the contract was up and act in customary.

It's not even a year, but it got me thinking.. about my perception of my career..

It was a perfect time to leave.. after serving a full notice, I still got some time for the June exams. I did some balancing here as well, to do the right sacrificing, I dropped a module to concentrate on the one I kept failing. The irony is, I thought it was gonna be the easiest paper when I first saw the module list when this all began. Talk about perception.. huh huh..

you wanna die, meow..
I took a week break and while I thought I should get back in action soon, Willie thought up of something for me - It's nothing big, I would just be helping him a few hours a day.. It's a no-brainer, though my excel knowledge helped a lot.. - but it's not for the long-term.. So I'm back to the contemplating..

I've never thought I would doubt my profession, ever, not to say the past year.
There is no other way to do my job.. - everyone gets to the office, and spend 8-12 hours of slogging in front of the computer, and then leaves.
Why I put myself into this transition thing, was that I'm considering whether to give another job a chance or get a change.

At least I went easier with myself now.. I would have probably said something like Not possible.. or I could only do this.. a few years back... but I'm giving myself some leniency.. Even though I believe there are some who'd wondered, whether is this good for me at this age - to be reconsidering my profession - I'm glad I took a breather.

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