Monday, 22 September 2014

22 . I read...

Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

I do not idolise bloggers but I do enjoy some of these reads..

Wendy attracts with truth and not "nice-ness" and writes with a punch.
She'd probably on umpteen time speaks the dark truth on behalf of many, did the finger-pointing for many, and at the same time so damn entertaining.
Some may find her too special to swallow; she has her own Guide to Life.

Blogfather of Singapore, best known for publishing political commentary, usually in satire manner, makes one tickled and also sigh at the reality behind it all.
I was first attracted by his podcasts - Mr. Brown Show - which has now evolved to vodcasts. Why??? I preferred the podcast and misses them.

More commonly known as Budget Barbie for her cheap thrills and bargaining spending tips.
A down to earth girl who's not afraid to show her un-made up face everywhere. But I must say she's a little difficult to comprehend for non-locals.

We used to often hear tales when we get on a cab from the cabby who'd a long day/week/month/life..
Here's the diary of one...

Well.. For obvious reasons.. She does great makeup and teaches them, and spreads really positive vibes.
Though sometimes I wished she's Asian.. Even with eyes big like mine, I just can't fit in all the blending!

Brave Love Blog
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The Blog-tember Challenge

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