Saturday, 20 September 2014

20 . a day in life

Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

This isn't too difficult.. but I do not currently have a regular schedule.. (If I had, it would be a mundane one.) I wake and sleep when I want to, do a bit of self-revision when the guilt gets to me.. do a bit of crochet when creativity hits me..
I'd usually stay in on a Saturday - I don't like to brave the weekend crowd. But it's a day to celebrate~!

Before an evening out, I'd start getting ready about 2~3 hours before - if I have the time to spare - but I do not really need so much time to; I just enjoy getting dilly dally..

20-9-2014 7-12-47 PM

We take a #wefie or #twofie (derived from #selfie.. okay.. that's too much tagging..) every time we head out.. The first would be either at the lift lobby, void deck, the bus-stop or MRT station. It's like an obligation.

Today, we are having a birthday dinner for my FIL and me... Our birthdays are consecutive and I've always had this extra celebration since (actually before) I got married. [Extra cake! ✯◡✯✌]

We are having dinner at this really nice Chinese restaurant.
We would do this thing that are now often associated with Asian but I believe this is everywhere.

Taking photos of food
Don't judge me! I've been doing this before it even went viral.. I just want to capture everything when the mood is right.. and (good) food makes every mood right... (◠‿◠ )

And in due course, a family portrait will be taken..

20-9-2014 9-35-04 PM

Simply, I journalize my life by photos.. They serve as good reminders and great reminiscence.

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