Tuesday, 2 September 2014

02 . What makes me happy?

Today's prompt for the braveloveblog's #blogtemberchallenge:
Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.

Erm.. What makes me happy?

what makes me happy
Dolling up?
Killer heels?

Due to my work (or it's probably just me), I used to need retail therapy A LOT.  I believe it's still my best relief but it's not my first go-to anymore.
Simple pleasure such as chocolate or ice cream works, best if it's both! And savouring of good food.. I think it's all scientific.
But the side effect - bills! especially shoes and dining - they chock up, just make a vicious cycle. Spending power changes between transitions but spending desire doesn't follow suit just as nicely. In the end, it doesn't actually brings much joy does it?
Ah.. This has went from oh-me-sweet-pleasure to argh-my-sour-past.

Ok. Back to my current sources of happiness.
Of course, I'm not a complete different person now, but I'm happier - easier. I guess people call it Appreciation.

A cuddle - don't get me wrong, I've always love cuddles but through some parts of life, I forgot how much it could actually provide. Sometimes a pat gives just as much.

Surprises - yay, women just can't resist them (good ones please!). Surprises could range from big to small. Small ones are just as great to me. Like a stalk of sunflower hubby gets from the wet market, buying back bubble tea which he wished I would eliminate totally, to happy meals which bring me to..

.. Dining - it's the experience that matters, a laksa can be just as satisfying as a tenderloin. And I believe 2 happy person is better than just one. He is even easier to satisfy, could be just KFC or some chilli cheese fries 🍟. Seeing him happy makes me happy too. (no matter how much I don't want fast food that night)

Sleep - sleeping seems pretty normal but being able to sleep whenever you want to and hopefully at the right time is just a bliss, and who wouldn't want a few more winks these days?

Friends gathering - admittedly I have few friends, even lesser real friends. They may be made from years back or through the career, but they're few and precious.
Because I have more time now, I wish to see them more. But there are still those that I only see once annually.

Friends gather could be a double-edged sword, because I'm all so eager to make time for arrangement but not all feels the same about meeting me I guess. I could just (always) be the secondary and that may make the whole experience not as joyous as hoped. And I believe I'm not alone on this.
But I usually relate it alike to going to gym, the difficult part is getting there, and usually after, we realised it was totally worth the time and effort. But I don't exercise. πŸ˜… *blush* Ahem..

A break would be a game changer, be it a vacation or staycation. I always return determined to be better - to Myself. Hahaha..
A break could be simply a week off from work but because I'm a bummer now it doesn't give as much pleasure as it used to since there's no real work to get away from! Housework counts maybe?
So I'll like to think of having a break with my hubby as a break. He's just doing too much! Hence if he ever make time to go on a date with me, I'd feel especially Happy!

It seems my resources are not so self-initiated and relies largely on my husband.
But no worries I'm a really good self entertainer as in the mandarin saying, θ‡ͺ得兢乐.

"I make me happy"

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